Winter Weddings in a Warmer Climate

Do you live in a warm climate, but yearn for a cozy, white winter wedding? Having a winter themed wedding is entirely possible even if you live in a warm climate. With a few good wedding winter theme ideas, you'll be well on your way to having the winter wedding you have been dreaming of, snow and all.

Want an winter wedding with snow in a climate that doesn't deliver? Consider getting artificial snow to add to your wintry decorations. Did you know that you can order artificial snow that can be delivered directly to you? Further, artificial snow is completely biodegradable and can be ordered to cover areas as large as 10 cubic feet. You can use the snow to give the area surrounding your reception a snow covered look! Alternatively, a snowmaker can produce snow for your wedding or reception. Snowmakers vary in cost, but can cost as much as 2000 dollars or more. For more information on snowmakers, visit HKD Snowmakers at:

Wedding Centerpiece Winter Themes

The reception can be decked out in wintry décor, giving the feel of the chilly season. Each table can have a wedding centerpiece winter item, like pine cones, a small pine tree, wreaths, snowman figurines, reindeer figures, miniature wrapped gifts and the like. What about an ice sculpture as the center of attention for the décor in your reception? Ice sculptures are elegant and give a winter wedding feel. Sculpted swans, hearts, an etched bride and groom, love birds, cherubs, castles, glass slippers, and even a dragon and a phoenix can complete the look of your winter wedding decorations. For more information on ice sculptures, visit Amazing Ice at: www.amazingice.com

Winter Wedding Bouquets

Nothing finishes off a winter wedding like the flowers selected. For a winter wedding bouquet, a bride may select white roses accented with baby's breath, but red roses also give a sophisticate air to wintry weddings. Blue roses can be used as well, the color blue being reminiscent of long, cold winter nights. Likewise, if the couple intended to wed wants to make their winter wedding decorations really stand out, there is no better way to accent a winter wedding reception than to place giant, white, pink, and red poinsettia plants in various areas of the reception location. To learn more about poinsettia's and poinsettia selection, visit the Poinsettia pages at: http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/poinsettia/

Make it a Christmas Wedding

The easiest way to enjoy winter is to theme the wedding around Christmas. Christmas trees can be set up in the reception area, and gifts can be placed beneath the tree. Stockings can be hung up around the reception area and wedding favors can be placed inside. Or, why not hang wedding favors from the Christmas tree and ask that each of the guests take one before they leave the reception.

Another nice Christmas touch: couples can wrap disposable cameras as gifts and place them on every table. Christmas candles make for nice winter wedding centerpieces or even as gifts for guests. Snowflakes are standard decorations: they can be hung from the ceiling and snowflake confetti can be spread around on tables. Don't forget the wedding music: a few Christmas songs will definitely be in order!

The Wedding Photographer

Most couples hire a photographer for their wedding. In such a case, it may serve the couple well to talk to the photographer about create ways to make the photos look like a wintry wedding took place. The photographer may be able to offer the couple some good advice about backdrops and designs that will give their photos a wintry feel. Special backdrops, lighting, background imaging and the like can really complete the entire winter effect a couple is looking to achieve.

Create a Winter Wedding Website

When planning your wintry wedding and reception, you may want to create a website to advise friends and relatives about the plans you are working on, the date of the wedding, and you can even share your wedding program with them in advance. If you do decide to set up a website for you wedding, use a wintry theme. You can add falling snowflakes to the page, and some websites can even add animated falling snow. Explain to the guests your love for winter and why you are using a winter theme for your wedding.

A website serves as a great way for sharing information: set up a page that offers directions to the reception site and add pictures if you can. Also, leave an area for feedback and suggestions: friends and relatives may be able to give you some great wintry ideas for your wedding. You can even include an online guest book where friends and relatives can share their warm wishes with you!

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