Exotic Villa Vacations

If you enjoy traveling, on your next trip you might want to consider a vacation rental villa. Longer vacations, family vacations, or trips with friends and family are especially ideal for vacation villa rentals; however, even couples may enjoy this option. While a vacation rental villa may seem expensive, if you are traveling with a group this can actually be a very economical way to vacation. Larger families or those traveling with older children may also find the privacy and space offered by a vacation villa rental ideal.

You can find a vacation rental villa in sizes ranging from perfect for two to large and spacious villas that can even accommodate a crowd. Vacation villa rentals can be private and somewhat isolated or can be part of a larger villa resort. You might want to consider a Jamaica vacation villa resort for a relaxing vacation. You can choose a Jamaican vacation villa rental in a resort complex or a more private one. Vacation villa rentals

Where Can You find a Vacation Rental Villa?

How can you find a vacation rental villa? Fortunately, finding a vacation villa is easier than ever before. One option when you're shopping for a Jamaica vacation villa resort or a Caribbean vacation villa rental is to check http://www.wimco.com/specials/specshermanssummer.asp. Sites like this one and http://www.jamaicavillavacation.com/ can help you find a great vacation villa near the beach. You may also want to consider avoiding the middle man by renting through http://arrangeyourvacation.com/. This site allows individuals to list their vacation villa rentals privately. You may also find vacation villa rental notices in travel magazines, newspapers, and even on your local craigslist at http://www.craigslist.org. If a friend or neighbor owns vacation property or their own vacation villa rental, see about renting privately.

The Costs of a Vacation Villa Rental

You may also be pleasantly surprised by how affordable a vacation villa rental can be. The luxury and comfort of your own home away from home on vacation is far more attainable than many people realize. Comfortable two bedroom vacation villa rentals may be as inexpensive as $700 to $800 for a full week. Given that these homes can sleep four to eight people and have kitchen facilities, this is actually a very cost effective way to vacation. If you need to sleep a larger group and are looking for a four or five bedroom vacation villa rental, these too are available. Groups will often find that a vacation villa rental is cheaper than a hotel for a longer vacation.

Tips for Vacation Villa Rentals

When shopping for a vacation villa rental, you may want to consider several factors. Location may be one factor, whether you are looking for a beachfront option or something near a golf course. Some vacation villa rental services, like http://www.caribbeandays.com/ offer Caribbean vacation villa rental choices themed to make it easier to choose the right vacation villa rental. You can choose from those aimed at active people, luxury options, romantic honeymoon retreats and Caribbean vacation villa rental houses ideal for families. With these themes in mind, you're sure to be able to find the right kind of vacation villa rental.

Be sure that you ask the right questions when booking your vacation villa rental. While this article addresses all sorts of vacation rentals, you may find it helpful to read through http://goflorida.about.com/od/hotelslodging/a/vacationrentals_4.htm. You want to know what is included in your rental, what is nearby and that your location and the vacation villa rental you have chosen will work well with your personal vacation plans.

Enjoying Your Vacation Villa Rental

Once you have found a vacation villa rental for your vacation, you will find that the rest of your vacation planning is easy. Depending upon the location of your vacation villa rental, you may want to plan a shopping trip to stock the kitchen with easy to prepare foods. If you are staying at a Jamaican vacation villa resort, you will likely have easy access to restaurants nearby. Many Caribbean vacation villa rentals offer nearby food services as well. Be sure to ask about the ease of dining out when you arrange your vacation villa rental.

Most vacation villa rentals do come stocked with towels, linens and kitchenware. Some may even have in house laundry facilities. Look at the location of your vacation villa rental, whether a Caribbean vacation villa rental or one elsewhere and consider whether you need a rental car or will be comfortable traveling on foot during your vacation.

The comfort of being in a home away from home will make your first vacation villa rental only the first of many. You are sure to want to rent a vacation villa whenever you can for future vacations, whether you are heading for a Caribbean vacation villa rental or a Jamaican vacation villa resort.

Caribbean Villas

The Caribbean islands are regarded as a sub-region of North America, composed of about 7,000 islands enclosing the Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean is famous for cultural images like Reggae, Rumba, Cuba's Fidel Castro, and the alluring beach. The most popular tourist islands in the Caribbean are Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Caribbean also offers historic sights like the ones seen in Havana and the Dominican Republic. The Caribbean rivals the South East Asian archipelago in terms of marine diversity and marine tourism, but the islands' proximity to the United States and Europe makes it the primary haven for island beaches.

Exotic Jamaican Vacation Villa Rental

Jamaica has always been one of the most popular islands of the Caribbean. With secluded surroundings, lush forest, and majestic beachfronts, it is no wonder why Jamaica has many exclusive vacation rental villas. See jamaicantreasures.com for some exciting ideas in exotic villa rentals. If you are bringing your family or have a group trip with your peers, a Jamaican vacation villa resort is the best way to keep your party settled down as you explore the island's amazing attractions.

Tourists come to admire rental villas because these designs say so much about the character of the island. In the case of Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean islands, vacation villa rentals invite you to be cheerful, easy going, and lazy. You are expected to loosen up and let all the tension from home come out in a positive experience with the best beach and pool resorts. Vacation villas are great starting spots for all sorts of activities.

A typical Jamaican vacation villa rental resort has all the amenities needed for an all out Jamaican experience; swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball gyms, billiards, board games, cable TV, entertainment systems, mini-bars, gazebos, and a lot more. They are also staffed by friendly house help, gardeners, and local guides that will take you to the best places in and around Jamaica. These villas are just a few steps away from the beach, although some villa resorts are lined together. You can also talk to your new villa neighbors and invite them to outdoor barbeques.

A vacation villa is a perfect place to hold key function and intimate life events. Unlike hotels, you have vacation villas to yourself, and most are large enough to host a significant number of guests. Jamaican villa rentals are great for simple weddings, intimate dates with your friends, bonding with the family, and honeymoons. The secluded and quiet atmosphere that Caribbean vacation villas offer will help relieve your stress from back home.

Tips In Choosing A Caribbean Vacation Villa

The Caribbean is a wide stretch of islands where literally every piece of land is a paradise. The cheerful people, great music, relaxing atmosphere, and lazy days all come together to please unassuming visitors. However, if you want to make the most out of your time in the Caribbean, some planning needs to be done.

Clear your schedule during the peak season in the Caribbean. The peak season is from December to April where the dry summer gives you perfect days. If you want to avoid the people and high prices, you can go one month before or after the peak season. Vacation villa rental rates go through the roof during the peak season. If the weather permits and there are no hurricanes, you can book villas as early as November. The best villas quickly become occupied during the peak season, so an early reservation is essential in securing a room. Luxury villas can also become unbearable in prices when peak season goes up. If you are planning to go back to the Caribbean, you can ask locals for information on better deals so you can save money.

Know the arrangements before committing your reservation to a villa. Some villas have a house cook or an in-house restaurant, while some villas have no supplies. Consider if you want to cook mornings or not. Picture yourself having a typical day in the villa, and decide if you are comfortable with the living space. Can you move freely in the villa? Do you have any special requirements? There are Caribbean vacation villas that have everything you need, but they may not have easy access to the island's attractions

Decide on how long you are going to stay. Naturally, the length of your stay will dictate the cost of the trip, but even if cost is not a factor, you should select vacation villas that are more appropriate for your length of stay. For example, beach house villas offer the closest view to the ocean, but they have minimal efficiencies that may not last you more than a week. There are some houses that you can stay in for three days, while there are more appropriate vacation villas if you plan to stay for a month.

For more information, visit caribbeanvillahideaways.com, passportvillas.com, or villascaribe.com.

Villas in Florence

Florence is one of the critical centers of Italian Renaissance and one of the top hosts for tourists who love the arts. Florence is known as the Renaissance capital where great minds like Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Machiavelli, and Dante once lived. With the intellectual and creative energy still evident through the years, tourists look at its cathedrals, church, monasteries, and galleries for a glimpse of its great past.

Attractions In Florence

Florence and its nearby towns have such a multitude of attractions that you cannot possibly get to them in a few short weeks. That is why having the comfort of Florence rental villas will help you tour Florence a little longer. Most of the attractions in Florence are within walking distance from each other.

The Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge in Florence. Built in 1345, this three-arched bridge crosses the historic Arno River. You can find many small shops along the old bridge.

The Campanile De Giotto is a prime example of Italian Gothic architecture. The construction of this bell tower started in 1334 and ended in 1359. The town bells are perched in a 275 feet tower, allowing them to be heard far and wide.

The Santa Maria del Fiore is Florence's most beautiful cathedral. This cathedral is also known as the Doumi di Firenze because of the huge dome regarded as an engineering marvel during the Renaissance. Even if you are not Catholic, you will find the cathedral very impressive. The Santa Croce church is a Florence landmark that reminds us of the great minds of the Renaissance. You will find the monumental tombs of Dante, Galileo, Machiavelli, and Michaelangelo in the Santa Croce. Aside from the tombs, you'll be impressed with classic architecture and majestic art pieces displayed in its walls.

Almost every inch of Florence is a tourist attraction. The age of the city shows a lot in its buildings, but these landmarks also remind us of the timeless influence of the Renaissance and the people and institutions behind it.

Luxury Villas In Florence

Touring majestic Florence takes more than a few days or weeks to complete. If you ever land in Florence, you owe it to yourself to make the most of your time here. Luxury villas in Florence provide the perfect abode for transients who want to experience the city in its fullest. The ideal Florence villa rentals should be located near the city center, or near other private villas, castles, and other landmarks. Since you can discover much of the city through leisure strolls, having a vacation villa rental near these attractions is very convenient for you and your mates.

Luxury villas in Florence come in many shapes and sizes. Some villas are perched on hills facing the city, while others are entrenched in lush forests. Unlike other accommodations, Florence rental villas give tourists the privacy suitable for romantic vacations. If you are coming to the city with a large company, you will not have a hard time finding a large Florence rental villa that can accommodate all of you. For the true Florence experience, take some time inside these majestic villa rentals.

Tips In Choosing A Florence Rental Villa

Florence luxury villas never pale in comparison with villas from other prime cities. Like other villa rentals, the architecture goes well with the charm of the city. Still, not all rental villas offer the same amenities and accessibility. Choosing the perfect rental villa comes down to your needs. Determining what you need out of a Florence rental villa will help you achieve the best Florence experience possible.

The first consideration in selecting luxury villas in Florence is your planned length of stay. Florence villa rentals usually prescribe a minimum number of days when you rent. Some villas only accept payments worth for 30 days, while others present contracts every 6 months or every year. Select among the best villas in Florence that will match your intended length of stay.

If you are planning to stay long to explore Florence and other nearby cities, you will need a car rental service. In this case, consider a Florence villa rental with a private garage. Know the amenities that you need in a Florence villa rental. If you expect guests in your villa for parties, make sure that the design can accommodate many guests. Functional considerations include the number of rooms, the size of each rooms, and perks like mini-bar and swimming pool.

Some Florence rental villas have house help that will tidy up your rooms. In addition, there are location coordinators that serve as your comprehensive guide across the city. These services come with a premium, while some offer them as a free service. Ask the villa rental attendant to enumerate the list of amenities down to the last details, so you can make the best decision in choosing a Florence rental villa.

Villas in Tuscany

People are attracted to Tuscany because of its exceptional beauty and fascinating culture. It is one of the most popular destinations in Italy. Florence is said to be the Crown Jewel of Tuscany. Once you are outside Florence, you can find the attraction of Tuscany in its hill towns and attractive settlements, which include a unique culture and beautiful landscapes. Tuscany is known for its low, rolling countryside. These hills are covered with crops, forests, scrub, or the occasional hill town. Other reasons people are attracted to Tuscany are the Renaissance art, wine, and food. The Uffizi Gallery has an extensive collection of Italian paintings. There are also many hilltop towns and villages to visit. The villages are filled with stunning Renaissance treasures. Tuscany opera is famous all over the world. You can also go to jazz festivals and regular concerts.

Anyone who is looking for a versatile and flexible vacation should consider renting a villa in Tuscany. All the villa rentals in Tuscany have high standards and quality accommodations. You can choose from private villas, luxury apartments in villas, or villas with swimming pools. There are villa rentals in Tuscany available in all different areas of the countryside. Tuscany villa rentals usually keep their historical appearance from the outside, but have been fully modernized on the inside. You can enjoy the comfort and convenience of staying in a villa, and be able to explore your surroundings from there, as well.

Beautiful Views Surround Tuscany Villas

The Your Tuscany website features some of the most beautiful properties in Tuscany. If you're looking for a Tuscany villa to rent, you can find an exclusive luxury villa at Your Tuscany. You can also stay in a secluded farmhouse or an apartment. Almost all their Tuscany villas and farmhouses have private pools. Your Tuscany also has a number of properties that grow their own or produce specialty foods of the highest quality onsite. Many of the villas offer you the opportunity to sample the best products of the land with your meals. Their olive oil and wines are internationally renowned. During your stay at one of the villa rentals at Your Tuscany, you can visit the historical centers of Florence, Lucca, Siena, Montalcino, Pienza, and Cortona. There are winding trails through hills and valleys with beautiful scenery.

Villa Agosto in Tuscany is minutes from Siena. It's nestled in the verdant Chianti Tuscan countryside, where you can see medieval properties in the Tuscan hills. This Tuscany villa rental offers peaceful vistas across the vineyards and olive trees, first class comfort, and a large pool. The comfort and quality of the accommodations make it ideal for a week or longer vacations. This Tuscany villa to rent has property that produces grapes, olives, apples, cherries, apricots, and persimmons. All are gathered by hand, and you can pick them for your own consumption. http://www.excellenteurope.com/Tuscany/Agosto/Agosto.htm

Private Villas In Tuscany

Villa Segale Lucca in Tuscany has spectacular panoramic views. It sits on a 35 hectare estate just outside Lucca. This villa offers breathtaking views as far as Pisa, the Apuan Alps, San Miniato, and the Tirrenic Coast. The ground floor of the villa features a comfortable living room with a fireplace. There is a fully equipped kitchen that has an ancient stone sink, marble breakfast table, a modern stove, and dishwasher. The first floor has five bedrooms, each with its own en suite bath, and a magnificent view from each bedroom. If you want a Tuscany villa to rent, then Villa Segale would be a good choice if you love beautiful grounds. The villa has a front pergola covered by grape vines and lined with lemon trees. The large fourteen by seven meter swimming pool is surrounded by a gazebo where you can sit and enjoy the magnificent view. There are three hectares of vineyards and three hectares of olive groves.

A Tuscan villa called Villa Desio is situated only four kilometres from Greve in the heart of Chianti. It offers travelers the combination of a small luxury villa set in beautiful gardens that overlook a valley with a magnificent swimming pool. The private driveway winds it way through thick woodland to the entrance gates of the villa. It's hidden from neighboring properties, traffic noises, and other disturbances. This villa in Tuscany is in 10,000 sqm of fenced gardens and parkland surrounded with a further 5 acres of forest. In the garden below the villa, there is an infinity pool with gazebo that overlooks the valley and hills beyond. This villa is from the 14th century in a style that incorporates antique furniture, original artwork, and terracotta paved floors. There is a covered loggia a few metres from the house that is furnished for outdoor dining. For more information, go to: http://www.meridianvillas.com/rental-villa-info/italy/tuscany/chianti/greve-inchianti/villa-desio.php

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