Why Minnesota Weddings are Increasingly Popular

Minnesota is one of the most scenic states in the country and it is an increasingly popular location for destination weddings. As you will see, wedding locations in mn are as exciting as they are distinctive. To get the most out of what this state has to offer, it is first important to become familiar with the features that make Minnesota so unique. This brief guide introduces you to the history, natural beauty, and cultural highlights of this wonderful state.

Conservatory in Saint Paul Fall colors near Conservatory in Saint Paul, MN.

Scandinavian heritage

Many of the first European settlers to arrive in the area that would later become Minnesota were from countries in Northern Europe. People from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland explored the vast forested region and settled small towns amongst the countless lakes. These isolated communities flourished in spite of many harsh circumstances and many later transformed into some of the largest cities in the Midwest. This strong Scandinavian heritage is still an important part of Minnesota's identity. Not only do many of the people who live there descend from Scandinavian stock, many of the traditions that the original settlers brought over are still actively practiced. There are many beautiful decorative motifs that can be drawn upon for mn wedding inspiration.

A Scandinavian-themed wedding should take place in winter - but not too far into winter or you might find that your guests are unable to attend! Winter arrives early in Minnesota thanks to the cold Arctic winds that come down from Canada. Schedule your wedding to take place in September, October, or November to take advantage of the chill in the air while avoiding the worst of the winter snow. Because the weather across Minnesota can vary considerably - especially the further north you go - it is a good idea to evaluate each prospective wedding destination by doing some research into the seasonal climate. You can check with wedding venues for recommendations regarding the best month of the year for a winter Scandinavian wedding. Local chambers of commerce, visitors' bureaus, and even travel agencies can all be helpful when researching the best months to hold a wedding.

Scandinavian design motifs include reindeers, pine trees, snowflakes, flowers, and abstract star-like images. These simple images are often rendered on clothing and knitwear in particular. You can use these images to embellish simple wedding invitations and announcements. Tablecloths and napkins with these images can be used during the reception. Colors used in Scandinavian design are white, red, dark blue, dark green, yellow, and black. Pick one light color and one dark color and you will have a bold, memorable palette to work with.

The great outdoors

Minnesota is known for its vast stretches of pristine wilderness. The state itself is sometimes called the Land of Ten Thousands Lakes. Forests, mountains, rolling countryside, and hundreds of large and small lakes can be found throughout the state. Outdoor recreation is a way of life in Minnesota and there are numerous state and national parks throughout the state that draw thousands of visitors each year. There are also many privately owned outdoor event venues that are ideal for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and celebrations. Many of these venues are booked for up to a year so it is advisable to make your reservations early.

Lake Superior Sunset on the shore of Lake Superior near Grand Marais,.
  • Elbow Lake Lodge - Located near Cook, this rustic setting offers on-site accommodations for guests in the scenic Minnesota woods. Ceremonies can take place at the lakeside surrounded by natural beauty. For your convenience the lodge provides all catering services. Tables can be set to overlook the blue waters of Elbow Lake.
  • Minnesota Boat Club - This historic site has hosted boating events and rowing teams since 1870! This venue combines the best of the great outdoors with the convenience of an indoor reception hall. The Boat Club is across the Mississippi River from St. Paul so travelers coming from far away will have no trouble reaching it. Your guests can enjoy the scenic Mississippi River and watch the boats come in. Ceremonies can be held in the river-facing gardens where up to 170 guests can be accommodated.
  • Minnetonka Orchards - For a truly unique outdoor mn wedding, the Minnetonka Orchards in Minnetrista cannot be beat. This is an excellent setting for rustic weddings, summer and fall ceremonies, and playful, offbeat receptions. The orchards feature winding trails, open spaces, wooded areas, and lots of apple trees. Up to 350 people can be seated for dinner underneath expansive tents. Wedding parties can enjoy the use of the large bonfire pit, too!

Memorable venues near the city

Though outdoor venues offer unparalleled access to the stunning Minnesota landscape it can be difficult to select one that all guests can get to. Selecting a venue inside or near a major city helps reduce travel time and makes attending more convenient for guests who are traveling a great distance. These are some of the premier mn wedding locations, valued for their beauty, amenities, and comfort.

  • Minnesota Landscape Arboretum - The famed botanical gardens and arboretum of the University of Minnesota are some of the most popular inexepensive wedding mn venues. There are over 1,100 acres of landscape that highlight the many diverse ecosystems to be found within the state. The site is open year-round so this is an ideal location for a mid-winter wedding, a springtime celebration, or a summertime reception. There are fourteen indoor and outdoor spaces to choose from!
  • Walker Art Center - Located in the heart of Minneapolis, the Walker Art Center is a lovely venue for a reception, wedding, or any other special event. The indoor reception hall features immense windowed walls so everyone can enjoy the scenery even if the weather is bad. You also have the option of renting the art galleries. You can entertain your guests surrounded by the work of world-class contemporary artists.
  • Mill City Museum - This Minneapolis museum is housed in an old flour mill and sits next to the river. This is a unique venue that has a little bit of everything - city landscapes, historical structures, and a riverfront view. The in-house catering service can provide everything you need for a ceremony or reception; parties can take place inside the reception hall or outside in the courtyard.

Couples planning their wedding and reception should take a second look at Minnesota. The excellent venues and design ideas mentioned here can be used no matter what kind of special occasion you are planning. Family reunions, anniversaries, and graduation parties will all be made a little more special when surrounded by the best that Minnesota has to offer.

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