Top Minnesota Beach Weddings

Well, it may seem a bit daunting at first but the following websites will lead you to the most popular locations for top Minnesota beach weddings, as well as unique destinations sure to leave a lasting memory in your mind and that of your guests. Still can't decide? Then you'll also find the wedding planner in Minnesota links very useful. It's the wedding planner's job to make sure everything goes smoothly with regards to location for the ceremony and these well sought after, and respected, wedding planners can help you every step of the way. Then it will just be your job to take those magical steps down the sandy beach aisle to your new life and to make sure that the sand stays on the beach and not in your honeymoon suite.

Minnesota Resorts For Wedding Beach Ceremonies

Hiawatha Beach Resort And House Boats

If you want an exquisite beach wedding in Minnesota, you go to a specialist. That's exactly what Hiawatha Beach Resort and House Boats is. Hiawatha Beach Resort is the premier beach wedding location among Minnesota resorts for wedding locations. Hiawatha Beach Resort strives to create an experience that the bride and groom will remember forever. Some of the favorite features of a Hiawatha Beach Resort wedding include crossing the pond bridge to meet guests as newlyweds, and drinking from the double chocolate fountain while looking out at the beautiful beachside landscape.

On you special day, you don't want to have to worry about last minute details. Hiawatha Beach Resort is well versed in organizing you day, setting up party tents, tables and chairs and lining up local vendors. If you want a DJ, they can help you find one who plays just the right tunes for your wedding and reception. Hiawatha takes your vision for a beach wedding in Minnesota and couples it with their experience to create a fairytale event that the bride, groom and all of the guests will remember favorably. You can learn more about Hiawatha Beach Resort and Houseboats at their website located at http://www.hiawathabeach.com/weddings.html.

Mantrap Lodge - Big Mantrap Lodge

Quite a few jokes have been tossed around about wedding held at Mantrap Lodge. I'm sure our imagination can come up with a couple of your own. However, if you are looking to have a beach wedding in Minnesota, Mantrap Lodge is a beautiful lakeside setting to make your dreams come true.

The historic Lodge is welcoming to visitors and guest, lending a true Northwoods experience to the wedding ceremony and reception. You can choose guest accommodations from a selection of private cottages and rustic lakeside cabins where the honeymooners can have some much needed alone time, or accommodate overnight stays from out of town guests in nearby cabins. Guest will also appreciate the Entertainment Hall with its outdoor veranda overlooking stunning lake and tree views as a perfect location for the reception and post-ceremony gatherings.

Experienced on site staff will help bride and groom plan a perfect wedding ceremony and honeymoon retreat. Mantrap Lodge is one of the Minnesota resorts for wedding ceremonies that caters to all your planning needs including access to local vendors. You will enter your new life feeling wonderfully surrounded and comforted by the natural lakeside setting and awaken renewed and refreshed as a couple. In fact, your new bride or groom will feel so well cared for, they definitely won't feel they've stepped into a man trap! You can access full information on Mantrap Lodge at their website located at http://www.mantraplodge.com/front/index.aspx.

Top Ten Minnesota Wedding Resorts

At http://www.resortsandlodges.com/top-10/2009-07-31/top-10-minnesota-weddi... you can read the Top Ten Minnesota Wedding resorts according to ResortsandLodges.com. Although the listing was compiled in 2009, these Minnesota resorts for wedding locations still remain popular. On the list are the Bluefin Bay Resort, Cragun's Resort, Breezy Point Resort and Madden's on Gull Lake. Each of these locations can handle a beach wedding in Minnesota marvelously.

Also on the list are Grand View Lodge, Lutsen Resort, and Grand Superior Lodge. Any of these Minnesota resorts for wedding locations would make for a beautiful ceremony. Finishing off the Top Ten Minnesota Wedding Resorts according to ResortsandLodges.com are the Ruttger's Birchmont Lodge, Zippel Bay Resort and Fair Hills Resort. Using a wedding planner in Minnesota is a good way to help reserve your date with these popular resorts.

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