Quick Winter Wedding Ideas

The weather outside may be frightful, but a winter wedding can be very delightful. More brides and grooms are choosing the winter months for their weddings. It can be less expensive since you won't be booking venues at peak times. Besides, winter weddings can be romantic and there's good reason to book your honeymoon at some tropical sun-filled destination. Here are some tips and ideas to planning the winter wedding of your dreams:


If you aren't sure about a theme, spend some time looking at winter wedding invitations. If your winter wedding date is close to the Christmas season and you and your guests celebrate Christmas you might be inspired by invitations with a Christmas tree design and gold or silver details. The snow-covered tree design can then be added to your napkins and the theme can be continued throughout your winter wedding from the ceremony to the reception.

A crisp white invitation with periwinkle snowflakes of different shapes and sizes on the top is another winter theme idea that can be carried through to décor, floral arrangements and even the bridesmaid's dresses.

Color Choices

Popular winter wedding colors are: silver, white, light blue, light green, lavender, periwinkle, plum, cranberry, gold, ruby, emerald, hunter green, navy and black. Don't be afraid of using a dark color with winter white. Think of dark green evergreen trees surrounded by blankets of snow. Picture winter images like red cardinals perched on green boughs. Purples and blues are trendy accent colors for contemporary winter wedding décor. A classic bridesmaid dress with a shimmering dark blue wrap to match the groomsmen's cummerbund looks sharp.


The décor for your winter wedding will have a lot to do with your personal preferences and budget. Simple and inexpensive options abound. Candles always add warmth and romance. A row of tea light candles in small frosted glasses can be used on window ledges. A large glass bowl filled with bright red cranberries or a grouping of baby poinsettias can make a stylish winter wedding table centerpiece. White Poinsettias can be used to line the entranceway for the bride and groom and their guests. Many venues will have seasonal decorations, like Christmas trees and wreaths already in place, which can save on decorating budgets. Artificial trees are easy to transport and you can decorate a tree with decorations to give away as favors to your guests.


White flowers are beautiful at winter weddings and are traditional as a symbol of purity. For your winter wedding flowers choose from white roses, lilies, carnations, gardenias and snowball mums. Gardenias represent joy, daisies spell innocence and roses signify love and happiness. You can add a sprig of greenery or silvery eucalyptus for contrast. Or use the colors of the season with red roses and tulips. Talk to your florist - your area may have seasonal flowers you hadn't considered and by keeping with seasonal flowers you'll save on your wedding costs. You may want to limit flowers to your bridal bouquet and a boutonnière for the men in the bridal party. Bridesmaids can carry an evergreen wreath, a hurricane lamp or even a sprig of fine white baby's breath. Silk flowers are also another alternative. Why not have the bridesmaid's carry a single white tulip wrapped in colored tulle?


The tradition of giving guests a keepsake of the special day has become a great way for couples to add personal and creative touches to their special day. Some winter wedding favor ideas are:

  • Glass snow globes with a winter scene or a miniature bride and groom with the names and wedding date added to the base.
  • Large snowman or snowflake cookies tied with ribbons to match the décor.
  • Frosted 'take-out' style boxes filled with candy coated almonds.
  • Silver bell Christmas ornaments with names and date.
  • Cookie cutters with a favorite recipe attached.
  • Homemade hot cocoa mixes in a silver tin.
  • Acrylic boxes filled with silver or gold wrapped candy.

The Wedding Reception

A reception hall or venue with a fireplace will add charm and warmth to a winter wedding reception. Don't worry if there isn't a fireplace. Lots of candles and strings of white lights will add a warm glow.

Have an ice sculpture grace a table in the hall. Place extra favors around it or have it on the buffet table as a memorable centrepiece. As for the menu, your favorite foods will do. For a winter wedding touch, serve soup in place of salad. Have the caterers bring warm bread rolls to each table. The smell of warm bread adds a cozy feel and hungry guests waiting for their turn at the buffet table won't feel left out.

More couples are choosing the winter months for their nuptials. Winter weddings can be romantic. Besides, since you won't be booking venues at peak times you'll save on wedding expenses, which leaves more money for that tropical honeymoon you've been planning!

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