Alternative Wedding Rings

Couples about to be married can find many unique alternative wedding rings that may suit their personality more than the classic gold band. While the majority of couples find they want to continue with the tradition of gold bands, there are many who decide on alternatives for various reasons.

Reasons to Choose Alternative Rings

Some people choose to go with an alternative wedding ring because they are environmentally-conscious. Some choose to not tap into the gold and diamond market of today when choosing unique wedding rings, and instead choose a ring that is not as expensive or made from rare materials. Price may be an option, as well, as many couples may not have the money to buy an expensive gold ring. Alternatively, they choose not to, and save that money for something else. Some people may also have a profession where it is not practical to wear a wedding ring at all times, such as a doctor or mechanic. Thus, they choose an alternative way to express their love for their significant other. However, most couples choose this route because of personal tastes and preferences. They want their rings to be unique in appearance, and a kind that will not be found among many people.

While gold is beautiful, some may find it boring and bland, and would rather express their love with something personal and more appealing to them: there are plenty of unique mens' wedding rings as well as womens' wedding rings which are sensationally individualistic and stylish. A unique wedding ring will also have an interesting story to it, and is a much more personal alternative to be given on the big day. Anyone getting married should consider the alternatives they have to choosing a ring for themselves and their significant other. It is a choice that both parties should be happy and comfortable with; thus, the act of getting unique wedding ring sets takes considerable time and consideration.

Sterling Silver Wedding Jewelry

Traditionally, many brides and grooms opt for gold wedding bands. Yet, many couples are now opting for sterling silver wedding bands instead of the traditional gold bands.

Why Silver for Wedding Bands?

Sterling silver wedding bands are just as attractive as their gold counterparts, and in most instances, are less expensive than gold wedding bands. Plus, sterling silver wedding bands are offered with engravings and stones that make for a unique ring exchange on the big day. Bands are available in a man sterling silver wedding band style or a woman's sterling silver wedding band style and the options afforded to couples are limitless.

One reason why couples choose to buy a man sterling silver wedding band and/or a woman's sterling silver wedding ring is because the wearer prefers gold over silver. Some people simply desire silver over gold because if its tone and coloring. Meanwhile, some individuals prefer silver as the metal for the wedding band they choose because the silver has specific superstitious connections. Silver has long been associated with the moon and silver has long been considered a metal associated with protection.

What Does Silver Symbolize?

It is long been held as a belief that sterling silver wedding bands signify the unbreakable bond between the bride and groom, and sterling silver is also believed to signify undying love and friendship between the couple. A formerly held tradition involved the act of giving the bride a silver sixpence to wear within her wedding shoe for the wedding day and it was believed that the sixpence offered luck to the couple. Silver, thusly, is associated with good luck and couples get sterling silver wedding bands to maintain good luck throughout the marriage.

Where to Find Sterling Silver Wedding Bands

Wedding bands can be purchased from the local jeweler and easily ordered out of different catalogs. Also, couples have the option of shopping through Internet vendors for the sterling silver wedding band of their choice. In fact, the designs of such rings are limitless and many couples opt for the silver Celtic bands because of their stunning intricacies. Today's silver wedding bands not only offer couples unique wedding rings to cherish for the rest of their lives, but also offer the couple excellence in terms of affordability.

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Custom Wedding Rings

Custom rings are a very popular choice when it comes to ring set unique wedding items for many who are celebrating their love for one another. Rings can now be customized exactly to a person's preference, down to the stone, layout, jewels, and inscriptions. Unique designs that are personal to the couple may also be engraved onto the ring for a classy touch. Love notes, dedications, initials, and names are other options to have engraved.

There are literally dozens of gem settings that can be used to create a unique and personalized wedding ring. Diamonds are of course the most popular. However, many people opt for settings of rubies, emeralds, sapphires, or amethyst, just to name a few. Rings can be designed with these types of gems for a unique setting that no one else will have, especially if other combinations are thrown in. These may include a flat band instead of circular, knotty textures or other unique creations. Many websites allow the creation of your own wedding rings, which lets the buyer use his or her imagination to create the wedding ring of their dream. Check out http://www.designyourweddingrings.com/ and http://www.sorellajewelry.com/wedding-jewelry-s/93.htm for more information.

Wooden Wedding Rings

While most people still think of metal even with alternative wedding rings, for some, this is not the case. Wooden wedding rings are fast becoming a popular choice for many people. Many websites sell wooden wedding rings that can be hand-crafted and designed to your liking. They can be made from many different types of wood, which should be considered carefully so that you can get the best material for your money. Some couples choose to create a mixture of wood and metal to make a ring that is especially unique.

Wooden rings are hand-crafted and can be bought from many retailers, especially online. For more information on wooden wedding rings, go to http://chicagojoinery.com/ and http://www.simplywoodrings.com/ring_shop/index.php.

Other Options

Titanium wedding rings are also another popular option of today. Many people are sensitive to jewelry and may not be able to wear gold. Titanium is completely non-allergenic and a great idea for people who may have extremely sensitive skin. These rings can also be custom made, and are a great alternative to the classic wedding rings of today.

The options for unique wedding ring sets are truly endless and couples can choose from unique clean gold wedding rings or rings of other materials. There are other materials that rings can be made out of, such as multi-tone, mokume game, jade, or hematite. Other couples choose to go with alternative designs, such as Jewish and Celtic rings. Celtic rings are particularly popular today, as there are many choices to be found and a wide variety to choose from.

Many women choose to design their wedding ring from a family heirloom that was passed down to them, perhaps from their mother, grandmother or other relative. This is a popular tradition that has dated back centuries from now. Many women take the setting from an old ring, such as the diamond, and have it transformed into their own unique piece of jewelry. While many people choose to simply upgrade a gold band and keep the existing stone, many others decide to fit the setting into something completely alternative. Still others use recycled materials from jewelry to create their own special piece.

Tattoos as Rings

A popular alternative to wedding rings is to skip the actual ring altogether and instead get matching tattoos. This can be done a number of ways. The most popular is to get an actual tattoo of a ring on your ring finger, either matching or as a design that each individual has chosen. Still others choose to simply get a tattoo together to symbolize their union, whether it is a matching tattoo somewhere, or their names, and so forth. For more information and ideas on tattoo rings, go to: http://hubpages.com/hub/Tattoo_Ideas_Wedding_Ring_Tattoos. Some couples even choose to have a very small tattoo of their actual ring done on their ring finger, and then still wear the actual ring over top of it.

A wedding ring is a big commitment, more for some than others. No matter what you choose to do, remember that you should always choose what you want, and not what others think you should buy. There are lots of unique alternative wedding rings that are perfect for couples who may want to break out of the typical traditions of their nationalities or families.

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