Celtic and Irish Wedding Bands

When a couple is looking for unique alternative wedding rings they always have a diverse selection to turn to if they opt for Celtic and Irish wedding bands. Celtic and Irish wedding bands have a long history, are beautiful, and stand out from traditional wedding rings. There are unique mens' wedding rings and unique wedding ring sets for women with Celtic and Irish designs. Whether expressing one's heritage or simply whether one is seeking unique alternative wedding rings, there is much to be appreciated when it comes to Celtic and Irish jewelry designs.

Celtic and Irish Wedding Ring History

The Claddagh is a ring that is associated with the village Claddagh, and some historians have traced the rings origins back to the seventeenth century when Queen Mary II ruled. Tradition has it that when the crown of the ring is worn on the wearer's left hand in an outward position the ring signifies engagement. If the crown is turned inward toward the wearer of the Claddagh ring, the wearer is married. The right hand is reserved to signify friendships and dating.
Celtic knotwork has a history that can be traced back as far as the seventh century C.E. The endless knot, also called plaitwork, began appearing on various works of art and architecture at this time. Celtic knotwork is amazingly intricate and such designs, over time, have come to represent all that is the Celtic culture.

Today, many people appreciate the beauty of Irish and Celtic rings. The Celtic and Irish rings available today are sold in a variety of fine metals, from unique clean gold wedding rings to fantastic titanium wedding rings, and some rings are also decorated with gems and semi-precious stones. Celtic rings are also available in two-tone metals that make for an intricate, ornate ring set with an incredibly high contrast. A couple can easily find Celtic and Irish rings that can serve as unique alternative wedding rings: there are so many designs and styles to choose from that getting unique wedding rings is simple.

When getting Irish and Celtic wedding rings it is a good idea to consider the amount of care the rings will require. The more intricate the rings are, the more detailed the cleaning process will be. This is particularly true with rings that present tight Celtic knotwork. Special brushes and appropriate metal cleaners will be needed to keep the unique wedding ring sets looking their best at all times.

Types of Celtic Wedding Rings

There are many different Celtic and Irish wedding ring styles which allow for such rings to serve as unique wedding rings. Among some of the most popular Irish rings is the Claddagh ring: a ring which is perfect for friends and for unique wedding rings. A Claddagh is a ring where two hands are visible which hold up a heart with a crown on top of it. The latter design serves as a symbol for devotion, loyalty, friendship, and love. Claddagh rings are one of many Fede Rings: rings that have depictions of hands joined together and which serve as symbols of trust and devotion.

Celtic rings are truly unique alternative wedding rings since many of today's Celtic rings are bedecked with an array of Celtic knots. Celtic knots are endless lines which come to serve as a symbol of eternity and undying devotion and love. The intricacy of the knot may represent the intricacies and complexities of life. The ancient Celts revered and honored the interrelated aspects of life and this is reflected in Celtic knotwork and designs.

Where to Buy Celtic and Irish Wedding Bands

The best place to shop for Celtic and Irish wedding bands is on the Internet since a couple can take a few hours together and they can browse through selections online. There are a number of outstanding websites that concentrate on offering the finest Celtic and Irish jewelry selections. When seeking unique alternative wedding rings the couple may want to shop together so that both the future bride and the future groom get rings that they will ultimately be satisfied with. There are unique men's wedding rings that the future groom can review and assess and the future bride may want to purchase a matching Celtic or Irish ring or she may choose a ring that is a stand alone, one-of-a-kind ring.

An amazing selection of Claddagh wedding rings is offered at AllCladdagh.com (www.allcladdagh.com). This site specializes in offering both Irish and Celtic jewelry designs and couples can easily find Claddagh rings in white gold, yellow gold, two-tone gold, and silver. In addition, some of the Claddagh ring designs are fixed with birthstones, and diamonds. AllCladdagh.com also catalogs engagement Claddagh rings where the heart and/or crown are filled with semi-precious and precious stones too.

An alternative website to visit for Celtic rings is identified in the Irish Celtic Jewels website (www.irishcelticjewels.com). Irish Celtic Jewels has a physical location in Dublin, Ireland and has been in the jewelry making business for more than three decades. The company prides itself in creating jewelry to order and guarantees the supreme quality of every piece which earns the Dublin Assay Office stamp of approval. What's more, the Irish Celtic Jewels company provides customers with a thirty day refund guarantee on all products. If looking for unique alternative wedding rings, this is an excellent place to start. Celtic wedding and engagement rings are offered at a range of affordable prices, and the diversity in terms of ring styles is endless. At Irish Celtic Jewels couples can get rings with Celtic symbolism, Irish symbolism or rings with an intermingling of both. Some rings are offered with knotwork and intricate designs while others present sayings which express one's love; for example, couples can get unique wedding ring sets with expressions like "Gra Geal Mo Chroi" which means "Love of my heart," or the couple may choose to have the interior of the ring engraved with conveyances of love and devotion.

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