Planning for a Winter Wedding Reception

Couples wedding in the winter may wonder how to make their winter wedding reception exceptional, unique, and memorable. With an eye for detail and a sense of style, couples can pull off the most remarkable wedding of the year when they stage the ultimate winter wedding reception. There are a number of themes that couples can focus on that will keep their guests talking about their reception for years to come. So what kinds of wedding winter theme ideas are perfect for the wintry season?

What kind of winter wedding reception themes are there?

Incorporating the festive season into a wedding makes the winter wedding reception even more special. Imagine a Christmas themed winter wedding reception with a fully decorated Christmas tree. The colors of the bridesmaids' gowns can be green, red or cranberry, or a sophisticated silver or gold. Poinsettia's make for stunning wedding centerpiece winter decorations. Rich red or pine green table coverings with matching napkins, or even off-white or egg-shell colored table linen set the perfect decorative effect. The reception area can be decorated with multicolor lights, or even icicle lighting for the ideal wintry effect. Finally, the wedding cake can be decked with snowflakes, artificial mistletoe, or edible flowers.

Now imagine a Valentine's Day wedding: the perfect day for such a romantic occasion. Again, the reception colors can be themed around rich or dark red. Couples can order up a heart shaped wedding cake, and linking heart shaped wedding glasses to coincide with the romantic holiday. If a fireplace is lacking in the reception area, the couple may want to see if an artificial fireplace would be permissible. The simulated crackling fire causes guests to conjure up images of warm, comfy, wintry nights in front of a fire. For more information on winter wedding themes, visit About: Weddings: http://weddings.about.com/od/traditionscolorsthemes/a/winterwedding.htm

What are some themed wedding winter favors?

Many couples enjoy giving their guests a keepsake, something that will forever remind them of the couple's special day. Themed wedding winter favors are the perfect gift each and every time. Couples can give unique keepsakes that guests will always treasure.

Some fantastic themed wedding winter favors include snowflake candles, snowflake candleholders, Christmas tree ornaments, white chocolate snowflakes, snowflake bottle stoppers, and crystal glass coasters. Themed wedding winter favors do not have to be overly large in terms of size, but they should be unique and exceptional in quality.

There are a number of ways that couples can present their guests with their favors. First, the favors can be prepared and set wherever guests or seated. There are special favor boxes that serve perfectly for winter wedding reception themes. Snowflake boxes are popular: the gifts are quickly decorative and presentable. Alternatively, if a couple is planning a Christmas themed wedding, they may want to consider hanging all of the favors on the tree where guests can walk up and retrieve them. In such a case, Christmas ornaments make perfect wedding favors. For more information about fantastic wedding favors visit My Wedding Favors™: http://www.myweddingfavors.com/

What other winter wedding decorating ideas are there?

Winter wedding decorations come in an array of sizes, colors and shapes. Floral arrangements of all kinds can brighten up a reception area. White and red roses are common winter decorations, as well as decorative wreaths. Tinsel, mistletoe and hanging snowflakes can be strung along ceilings and room borders. Ice sculptures can complete the wintry theme of the entire room.

Streamers, balloons, garland, and floating flowers are used by many couples decorating for their reception. Fountains, either water or tantalizing, hot chocolate are also a common decoration for weddings. Couples should forget the personalized guest book, usually set outside the entranceway to the reception. A beautifully customized signature book and white quill pen offer the final touch to the ultimate winter wedding reception.

Snowman centerpieces and even crystal stags make a beautiful table top decoration. Other wedding centerpiece winter ideas include floating candles with glittered or colored water, candelbras, pine cone wreaths, a bowl full of cranberries, gingerbread houses, Christmas villages, crystal lotus candleholders, and the like. A truly unique centerpiece is the hot oil censer: they come in many shapes and the couple can choose from a variety of fragrances. Similarly, miniature figurines also make an excellent wedding centerpiece. There is no end to the type of centerpiece couples can opt to have on their reception tables.

Winter wedding bouquets can include an interesting assortment of flowers as well. For instance, a bride can opt for Amaryllis, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Daisies, Freesias, Gardenias, Hydrangeas, Lilies, Magnolias, Mums, Pionese, Poinsettias, Roses, Snowballs, or White Orchids. Plus, brides can have their bouquets accented with Baby's Breath, Berries, Eucalyptus, Holly Leaves, and Wheat Stems. Further, a bride's bouquet can be dressed up with ribbons and surrounded with lace fringe.

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