2nd Time Around Wedding Location

Getting married for the second time leaves a lot of people scratching their heads as to where they should hold their ceremony or reception. Many couples choose to have a more low-key wedding ceremony when they are marrying for the second time, and this is understandable.

There are many great places where you can have such a ceremony that are beautiful and will allow you to look back fondly on your big day, even if it is your second time around! Many women get ahead of themselves, thinking of their 2nd time around wedding dress before the location, but one should choose a location first.

Some great places to hold your wedding may be in your backyard, on the beach, in the house of a friend or family member, in a local hotel ballroom, or you could always have the ceremony at your church. When you choose the location, you can then choose your 2nd time wedding dress! Simply think outside the box when it comes to location, as there are many great places to hold beautiful ceremonies! You may want to visit places such as www.theknot.com to see what other people do for their second weddings.

Matching Your 2nd Time Around Wedding Dress to Your Location

After you have chosen your location, it's time to choose your 2nd time wedding dress. The reason that you want to wait to choose your wedding dress until you have a location is you'll sort of want to match your wedding dress to the location. For instance, you may not choose the same 2nd time around wedding dress, if you were going to have your ceremony at the beach, as opposed to a ceremony in your church. When you match your 2nd time around wedding dress to the location, the whole day will simply flow. You will look as though you fit in that place and you were meant to be there, which is a good thing for any bride.

Making Your 2nd Time Wedding Dress and Day Feel Special

Many couples adopt the attitude that their second wedding is not as special as their first, and this simply is not true. While you may choose a different style, your wedding day should be just as special. Remember when choosing your 2nd time wedding dress, as well as the location for the wedding, that it should be something you'll love and remember.

The Style for You

While the formality of your wedding is a major consideration when choosing a 2nd wedding dress, it is equally important that your dress suit your body and your personal style. Consider your best features and choose a 2nd wedding dress that accents those. Strapless dresses are particularly stylish currently, and can work well as a 2nd time around wedding dress for many body types. Consider adding a shawl or wrap if you prefer more coverage. Whether your dress is traditional and white or modern and vibrant, it should fit your wedding, your body and your style. Just as you would for a first wedding, bring along a friend to help honestly select your 2nd wedding dress.

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