Making Your Winter Wedding Special

Getting married in the summer is not always the best option. A wedding dress is quite warm, and a June wedding lends itself to a sweltering bride carrying wilted flowers. Many modern brides are choosing instead to have winter weddings. With the right wedding winter theme idea, your winter wedding can be just as magical as a traditional summer bash!

The best way to make your winter wedding special is to be non traditional. Avoid the traditional flair of a summer wedding, such as sleeveless spring colored bridesmaids dresses and bright flowers. Consider having a themed wedding winter instead of the traditional style. Dress your wedding party in seasonally appropriate attire. Picture your wedding party in long sleeves, muffs, and a winter wedding bouquet! Consider a wedding gown with faux fur or even a wrap! Use crystal jewelry to give the appearance of ice to add to the winter feel. For more information on winter wedding themes, visit:

Winter Wedding Flowers

Your winter wedding bouquet should include flowers that are appropriate for the season. The most popular colors for a winter wedding bouquet are white, silver, red, and green. Poinsettias are a great option to use for flowers, both in bouquets and a wedding centerpiece, winter style! The great feature about poinsettias is the myriad of colors you can choose from, without loosing the winter feel. They come in green, white, red, mauve, pink, and even blue and purple! No matter what color you choose, the flowers look like they belong in a winter wedding! And a simple potted poinsettia makes a great wedding centerpiece winter idea.

Eucalyptus is another great option for a wedding centerpiece. Winter weddings often incorporate many shades of green into the decor, and eucalyptus not only provides lovely green tones, but it also gives off a pleasing, winter scent. It looks great with pine garland and greenery as well.

Roses are another popular choice for a winter wedding bouquet, particularly red and white varieties. They provide a splash of fragrant color amongst a backdrop of the winter weather. And nothing says true love quite like the look of a red rose! Many brides choose to mix red roses and eucalyptus for a pleasing overall effect! For more information about winter wedding flowers, visit:

Winter Wedding Decorations

Flowers are the most important winter wedding decoration, but they are not the only decorating idea to consider for the bride looking to wed in the wintertime. Another option for a winter wedding decoration is fake Christmas trees. Even if the wedding is not a Christmas wedding, pine trees are a great way to fill a stage inexpensively, and they are a symbol of the winter months.

Another beautiful winter wedding decoration is an ice sculpture. The best benefit of using an ice sculpture for a winter wedding is that it is much easier to transport and care for in the winter than in the spring or summer. And you can have an ice sculpture made to fit any wedding winter theme idea, so it is a versatile winter wedding decoration! You can build your entire wedding centerpiece winter idea around an ice sculpture.

Finally, lights should be included as a fundamental winter wedding decoration. Because the sun sets so much earlier in the winter, the winter bride can decorate extensively with white Christmas lights. Consider decorating for your winter wedding reception with white lights and candles. Using this winter wedding decorating idea, you can turn down the overhead lights for an intimate winter wedding reception.

For more information about winter wedding decorations, visit:

Coping With Winter Wedding Weather

One problem faced by many brides when planning a winter wedding is the threat of winter storms. Nothing can make the crowd for your wedding dwindle faster then a fierce winter storm. The bride who is planning a winter wedding needs to choose a location that will have the facilities and equipment necessary to remove snow should a storm hit. Particularly remote locations in a place that has frequent snowstorms are not the best choice for a winter wedding.

Photography Ideas For A Winter Wedding

Having a themed wedding winter is a great way to ensure that you have stunning wedding pictures. Consider having the bride and groom drive off in a horse drawn sleigh or carriage. This will be a stunning backdrop for wedding photography. The lights and candles used as winter wedding decorations also provide excellent photography opportunities.

Avoid photographing the bride against a snowy backdrop. If she is wearing a white dress, she will melt into the snow in the background. Remember to look for contrasts, such as red roses against a snow-covered ledge, when planning winter wedding photos. While you will want to take many of your photographs indoors, to keep your bridal party warm and comfortable, do not be afraid to venture outdoors and snap some shots against a winter scene. The key is to have the photographer look for contrasts, whether indoors or out.

Fun Ideas For Your Winter Wedding

If you have decided to wed in the winter months, try to think outside the box to make your wedding extra special. Consider having a winter wedding bouquet made from crystals instead of flowers. Not only will your wedding bouquet look stunning and wintry, but it will also be a keepsake you can treasure as a centerpiece in your home for years to come!

Consider serving warm drinks at your winter wedding reception, instead of the traditional cold punch. Cider, coffee, and hot chocolate will help continue the winter feeling of the wedding. Wedding favors for a winter wedding could be individual packets of instant cider or cocoa.

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