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Hair Highlights for Brides

Hair colors and styles change just as frequently as clothing trends. First was the perm, an all over curling of the hair, which lasted on average of six weeks. Later came the spiral perm, which gave women spiral curls rather than tight curls. The perm was followed by frosting, an overall lighting of the hair. Finally, hair highlights became the most popular trend. Over the past decade, hair highlighting trends have included the basic highlighting of small pieces of hair and now the process of larger sections called chunking.

What Are Hair Highlights

When a person with dark colored hair has small sections of their hair colored in order to give it a lighter look, these are called highlights. It's a modern twist on frosting and overall hair color that hides grey and gives a more youthful look to the wearer. Hair highlights can be done in several shades of blonde, and caramel highlights for hair are also popular. Hair highlights don't always have to be blonde, in fact many people choose pink hair highlights or red hair highlights. Highlighting is different from low lighting.

Low lighting, like highlighting, sections off pieces of the hair and changes the color. The only difference in the two is that low lighting is used to add darker colors to blonde hair. Low lighting is generally chunkier than highlighting, and several different shades of black or brown are used when low lighting.

How To Highlight Hair

There are a few different methods when learning how to highlight hair. The most common method is done when a stylist places a cap on the client's head and pulls small pieces of hair through the cap. The hair that is pulled through the cap is bleached to a different level of color from the other hair. This method is primarily used when the customer has short hair or very thin hair.

Foiling hair highlights requires the hair stylist to section off parts of the hair using the end of a comb. Small sections of hair are covered in the bleach and wrapped in foil. Foiling highlights takes much longer to complete than cap highlights and are used for thick and long hair. Hair highlight chunking is done in the same way. The difference is that larger sections of hair are placed in the foil.

Who Does Highlighting?

Most professional hair studios and shops will complete dark hair with highlights for a small fee. This is the most common method of receiving hair highlights. Stylists have been trained to highlight hair on both men and women and know the exact color combinations and strengths of bleach to use when doing blonde hair highlights on a brunette.

Highlighting can also be done at home using specialized hair coloring. Many of the most popular hair color companies have introduced hair highlighting options to their lines to make at-home highlighting easier. These at-home hair coloring systems include specialized tools to help obtain a polished look that costs a fraction of salon prices.

What To Watch Out For

Hair highlighting is different from hair coloring because bleaches are used to obtain the lightened locks. Don't assume that you will be able to wash out the lighter color or that it will fade over time. Once the hair has been lightened, there is no way to get it back to its natural color until it grows out. Choose salons based on recommendations. If a friend has a hairstyle that you like, ask them who did it and get a referral. Having a referral may get you in quicker, especially if the salon has limited availability. When using home coloring, make sure to read the directions carefully. Highlighting is permanent and should be used with extreme caution. Test a small portion of the hair before using on large sections to avoid reactions or strange coloring, and have your stylist on call just in case you need the home job fixed before a big date.

Getting hair highlights can make outdated dos look more modern. They can turn boring lifeless locks into daring and playful styles that grab attention. Highlights can completely transform a person's looks and are the most popular hair styling trend since the perm. Whether you have dark hair that needs to be lightened or want to show your personality with red or pink highlights, having them will make you feel better about yourself and will have people asking you for your stylist's name and number.

Getting Rid of Gray

Most women dread the day they find a gray hair in the midst of their dark locks but no matter how hard they try to deny it everyone gets gray hair. It might only be a few stray grays here and there, but many women experience patches or even overall gray as they age. Some women choose to allow their natural gray to show through while others spend hundreds of dollars each year on treatments which make graying hair look youthful. For those who choose to go the dying or coloring route to combat gray there are a variety of methods.

Overall Coloring

Women with overall graying or large chunks of gray disbursed throughout their hair often choose overall coloring. With overall coloring the entire head of hair is darkened to a shade that resembles the natural coloring before grayness began. There are hundreds of different shades of brown, black, red, and blonde sold in drugstores which can be used at home to complete the process. Home coloring such as this usually costs less than $10 per treatment and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

There are several types of home hair coloring kits available and the perfect shade may take time to locate. It is important to read the box carefully before beginning the home coloring process as it is easy to leave the solution on too long or not long enough. Home hair coloring kits are not one hundred percent accurate so the shade shown on the box may differ slightly from the finished product depending on the original shade of the hair being dyed. Women wishing to cover their gray should opt for permanent coloring that will not wash out after a few weeks.

Overall coloring of gray hair can also be done at a beauty salon though prices are much higher than home kits. Women who choose to have their hair colored by professionals can spend hundreds of dollars each year trying to maintain their youthful look. Due to their low cost and ease of use home hair coloring kits are more popular for overall coloring than going to the salon for a treatment.

Highlighting or Chunking

Those with fewer gray hairs may choose hair highlights rather than overall coloring. Hair highlights take dark colored hair and ad lighter tones into the mix. The look gives texture and makes wearers look younger. Older women may be less inclined to wear dark hair with highlights but it is becoming more and more common to see women in their fifties or older with hair highlights. Low lighting is also a popular hair coloring trend. Low lighting is used for women with lighter color hair. Hair is dyed to a darker shade rather than lighter shades used for highlighting.

Hair highlights chunking is a process which has become more and more common in recent years. Instead of adding subtle lightness to the look hair highlights chunking takes large pieces and makes them lighter. When it comes to hair highlights chunking is more popular among teens and women in their early twenties. Chunking costs about the same as highlighting when done in a salon.

Carmel highlights for hair as well as blonde hair highlights can be done in a professional salon or in the home. Salon highlighting is more popular because only certain pieces of hair are lightened rather than all the hair. At home kits include specialized brushes that help to put the dye on the pieces of hair that are to be lightened. It may take some trial and error to find the perfect at home kit for your needs.

When highlighting or chunking hair at home it is important to read the directions that come with the kit directions on how to highlight hair. Making a mistake with an at home kit may require a visit to the salon to repair any damage. Women who prematurely turn gray in their twenties may opt for more youthful hair highlighting trends like red hair highlights or even pink hair highlights though older women tend to shy away from the bold color combinations.


The Clairol® Company has long been one of the leading at home hair color providers and in helping people meet popular hair highlight trends. Clairol® is the parent company to several of the top brands including Nice'n Easy® Natural Instincts®, Herbal Essences Color®, and Hydrience® The Clairol® website offers coupons to try out their products at a discounted price as well as full color photos. Photos show hair highlight examples and overall coloring. Choose from hundreds of youthful colors or turn slightly gray hair into an overall look. Learn more by visiting Clairol® online at www.clairol.com

Specialized Shampoos

Want to stop gray hair in its tracks before it becomes overwhelming? Many colorists and stylists recommend using shampoos and conditioners that combat gray and reduce the number of gray hairs before they become an issue. Products such as these are sold in salons and professional beauty supply stores. These products often contain Emu oil.

Covering Gray Hair Quick

For women who have a few gray hairs here and there but do not have time to look through books of hair highlighting examples to find the right look there is a quick fix. Cover the few gray hairs you have with mascara that matches the natural hair color. It will not be a permanent fix like dying but it will keep those few gray hairs from ruining your day.

When it comes to aging women would prefer to look younger than they are but when gray hairs are popping up all over the place it is hard to feel young and vibrant. Women who choose overall color or hair color highlights to rid themselves of gray hair immediately feel better once the gray has been disguised. Their self esteem rises and they look more youthful than before. Aging gracefully with natural gray hair is an option that many women balk at and with these hair dying trends they have the ability to turn back the clock.

Find Hair Highlighting Trends Online

One of the reasons highlighting and hair highlight chunking is so popular is that it allows everyone to have a different look. It's an easy way to update an existing style without going overboard on the coloring, and the upkeep is minimal compared to alternatives. Once the initial highlighting is done, only root touchups are needed and the color doesn't fade as much as temporary hair coloring. It's a good idea before heading to the stylist to have a general idea about what sort of highlighting you'd like to have on your dark colored hair. Having examples will help the stylist in forming the look and will ensure that you aren't disappointed with the final product.


http://www.beautifulhairstyles.com - If you are looking for trendy hair highlight examples, you will find more than two dozen traditional highlights as well as examples of hair highlight chunking. Taken from celebrities and average women, the styles portrayed in the pictures are versatile and work with both short and long hair.


http://www.style-hair-magazine.com - Designed for stylists to learn more about highlighting and other popular types of hair styles, this site profiles many of the most popular highlighting trends. View photo galleries or check out tips from the professionals for highlighting at home. Also featured are tips for foiling and high highlight chunking.

Types of Hair Damage

There are a few different types of hair damage that affect individuals. Some of this damage comes from heat and the buildup of certain products, while others are caused by specific things such as hair dye and other chemicals. The type of damage depends on the products or situation of the individual.

Breakage and split ends are the most common type of hair damage. Another problem that some experience is dry hair, which comes from using too many products and from getting the scalp too hot. There are also types of hair damage relating to the overuse of chemicals or hair dye. This can make the hair look brittle and frail instead of healthy and shiny.

Causes of Hair Damage

The cause of the hair damage is dependent upon the type of activity the individual does on a daily basis. However there is also damage that is caused as the hair ages. It is something that cannot be avoided, but using the right products and keeping the hair healthy can reduce the damage caused by aging.

Hair damage is also caused by using too many products on a regular basis: the act of using gel, hair spray, and heat products like a curling iron cause the hair follicles to break down and the hair to break away from the scalp. In addition, many people have noticed problems arising from hat or helmet hair. Hair damage from a motorcycle for example is one problem that some people experience. The pressure from the constant pushing and rubbing of the helmet against the hair causes the hair to break and split. How does heat damage hair is another question some have. The easy answer is that the heat causes the hair to break. While some treatments rely on heat, constant use of heat is usually damaging to the hair. It causes the scalp to overheat and stop producing the natural oils that keeps hair looking shiny and healthy.


Shampooing with a good quality product or one completely natural can help stop hair damage in its tracks. The proper shampoo cleanses the hair, while also providing the nutrients the follicles need to survive. There are a few shampoos recommended by experts for the treatment of dry hair.

One such product is from a company called Bed Head: their Dumb Blonde shampoo reduces product buildup and will make blonde hair look bright and shiny again. Bed Head also makes the Self Absorbed shampoo, which contains extra vitamins to strengthen the hair and repair any damage. The Oatmeal and Honey shampoo from Catwalk is another good option though this one is a little more expensive. It works well for dry hair and for hair that has become damaged as the result of chemical treatments such as hair dyeing.


Conditioners are another easy way to repair hair damage. The Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm for Damaged Hair (www.matrix.com/products/biolage)is an excellent product that is well worth its high price tag. Though it is usually only available through salons and beauty shops, it can be used alone or with a shampoo from the same line. It nourishes and replenishes the hair to fix any damage.

The Oatmeal and Honey conditioner from Catwalk works well alone, or in combination with the matching shampoo. After a few weeks, damaged and color treated hair looks noticeably different. Nexxus also makes a few conditioners that help with dry or damaged hair. Their Emergencee conditioner helps with immediate problems, while the Hydra Sleek helps make hair look shiny and new.


There are a number of treatments designed for those with hair damage. These treatments focus on nourishing the hair and providing the much needed vitamins and minerals. Many of the treatments use minerals and heat to provide the ultimate help to those with damaged hair.

The Matrix Biolage line has the Conditioning Balm, which is great because it actually repairs the hair from the inside out. This is more than a simple conditioner; it is a leave in treatment that makes hair look fantastic. Another option is the Reconstructer from Bed Head. This was designed for color treated hair. Though it is a little expensive, it makes hair look fantastic. Bed Head also makes a product known as Ego Boost Split End Mender. A few simple sprays of this bottle and a few days of use will make split ends all but disappear.

The HairTherapyWrap (www.hairtherapywrap.com) is another treatment that many damaged hair sufferers seem to like. This hair wrap damage treatment slips right into the microwave and is applied directly to the head. Once in place, it uses heat to relax the hair follicles and slowly nurtures the hair back into shape. Another great product is Miracle Hair Replenishing Complex from ReSami. This product helps hair look healthy and bright again, no matter how much damage it has suffered.

Signs of Hair Damage

There are many types of hair damage that can come from the weather, chemicals, and some hair treatments. Hair wrap damage and hair damage from a motorcycle helmet can make your hair unmanageable and difficult to style. Hair wrap damage can be prevented by not having the hair weaved too tight. Some signs of hair damage are a rough texture or a dry and brittle feel to your hair. Weak hair elasticity may also mean your hair is damaged. Your hair should stretch and than bounce back without breaking if you have good hair elasticity. If you have split ends and your hair breaks or frays easily, then you probably have severe hair damage. The best way to keep your hair from getting damaged is to prevent it in the first place. There are products that can repair hair damage, but only to a point. For tips on taking care of your hair, go to: http://www.hairgrowthdoctor.com/1-hairloss-hairdamage.htm

Chemicals Or Hair Treatments

Permanent waving, bleaching, and dying are some of the procedures that can cause some hair damage. Permanent waving or hair relaxing should only be done occasionally so damage will be lessened. Hair relaxing should be done very gently so hair is not fractured. Tight curls shouldn't be made with permanent waving. Large curlers should be used to wrap the hair and make the curls loose. http://ww.pgbeautyscience.com/hair-damage.html

Bleaching and dyeing the hair can cause some chemical damage because they penetrate the hair cuticle. When the cuticle is penetrated, the structure of the hair changes and weakens the hair shaft. Dyeing your hair darker causes less damage than lightening it, because it doesn't require lightening chemicals. Permanent dyes fully penetrate the hair shaft and have chemicals that strip the hair of its natural color. To keep your hair from being extremely damaged, you should not use a chemical relaxer before you use permanent hair dye. Semi-permanent dyes don't penetrate the hair shaft as intensely as permanent dyes. You still need to regularly moisturize and condition your hair to keep it from being dry no matter what type of dye you use.

Weather And Hair Damage

Your hair can dry out and be damaged in both winter and summer weather. The hair and scalp can become dehydrated form the cold and the heat. When the humidity drops in the winter, the texture of your hair can change. A humidifier can help keep your hair from becoming dry or brittle. The cold wind and the sun make a perm not last as long and colored hair fade quicker. Hot summer sun and high humidity can also cause hair damage and make your hair look flat and wilted. It's important to deeply condition your hair at least once a week for one to two minutes, especially if your hair is so dry that it looks frizzy and breaks easily.

Scarves and hats are often worn in the winter to protect the hair from being damaged by the cold winds. Sometimes, the things you use to cover your hair can cause breakage and damage. Put a silk scarf on your head and then put another type of head covering on top of it. Many hats are made of harsh materials that aren't good for your hair, so a silk scarf will keep your hair from getting against the hat. Hair damage from motorcycle helmets or hats with plastic components can be prevented if a silk scarf is put on first.

Styling Aids

If you wonder how heat damages hair, then look at the texture of hair after excessive blow drying or using curling ironings and tongs. If these styling aids are set on high temperatures, the hair will become dry, dull, and frizzy. This is because the cuticles have become dry and brittle, and the surface moisture and water bound to the hair are removed from the hot heat. Another thing that is not good for the hair is ironing wet or dry hair. Ironing wet hair can cause the cuticle to buckle or bubble. Radical and axial cracking along the edges of the cuticles comes from ironing dry hair. Stop the use of overheated aids on your hair if you want the health of your hair to improve. For more information, go to: http://www.hair-dressing.com/hair-physiology/hair-damage.shtml

Some hair dryers are better for your hair than others. Cheap hair dryers can ruin your hair if you use them often. Multiple heat settings and cool buttons may be some features on reasonably priced hairdryers. An Ionic dryer eliminates frizz and makes the hair look shiny and smooth. This type of hair dryer has negatively charged irons, so it is good for your hair. Your hair is hydrated from the inside out. Another type of hair dryer that is better for your hair is the ceramic dryer. This type of dryer has power, but reduces heat damage. Your hair will feel soft, shiny, and conditioned. Products containing glycerin and propylene glycol may help hair damage from blow dryers. Hair damage from a motorcycle helmet, hair wrap damage, or damage from chemicals, the weather, and styling aids can usually be prevented.

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