Shoes For The Mother Of The Bride

There are many decisions to consider when you're the mother of the bride. This may well be nearly as big a day for you as it is for your daughter. While some mothers may be actively involved in wedding planning and others are not, all mothers of the bride have to make important choices about their dress, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. While there are many resources to help you choose the right dress for the mother of the bride, choosing shoes for the mother of the bride may be a bit more challenging.

Your shoes, dress, and accessories should fit the formality of the wedding, suit your figure, and be age appropriate. Traditionally, the mother of the bride and mother of the groom wear a dress that is shorter than the bride's and neutral or a lighter shade of the wedding colors. Other mothers of the bride and groom simply choose tasteful dresses in colors that work with the wedding colors. While a dressy light colored suit and simple matching pumps might be lovely for a daytime wedding, a formal gown and sparkly shoes for the mother of the bride would be more suitable for a black tie evening affair. Your dress should be attractive, but modest and not overshadow your daughter. Shoes for the mother of the bride should complement her dress, suit her personality, and be comfortable for long hours of wear on her feet. An older mother of the bride may wish to choose a flat shoe over a heel, and there are lovely and appropriate flat shoe styles available.

Dress And Shoes For The Mother Of The Bride

Appropriate dress for the mother of the bride depends upon the formality of the wedding, the time of day, and the location. Formal weddings are most often indoors, in a church or reception hall in the evening, and the appropriate clothing choice is a long formal gown. A very high heel, a beaded or detailed lower heel, or a very dressy ballet styled flat would be appropriate shoes for the mother of the bride at a formal wedding. Semiformal weddings require a street length dress or suit, with some amount of dressier detailing. Beading and embroidery are suitable. Just as the clothing styles are less formal at a semiformal wedding, so too are the shoes. Choose a simpler heel, a lovely strappy sandal, or even a chunkier heeled shoe if you need the additional support and balance. Afternoon or early evening weddings may be semiformal, and they may be indoors or out. Finally, for a casual or informal wedding, the mother of the bride should choose a simple dress or suit she feels comfortable in, and wear shoes suitable to the dress and the location. Sandals, a simple pump, or coordinated flat shoe are all suitable shoes for mother of the bride at an informal wedding. Stylish flip flops are even an option for the mother of the bride at a beach wedding.

Style Ideas For The Mother Of The Bride

Shoes for the mother of the bride should be pretty, and suited to your personal style, as well as to the style of your mother of the bride dress. A formal wedding and a formal dress requires formal shoes. A shorter, less formal dress requires a less formal shoe. Finally, a casual wedding is suited to a shoe that the mother of the bride is happy with, and that coordinates with her outfit. A lower heeled shoe can be formal, if heavily embellished, or even a simple dyed to match ballet slipper can be lovely for the mother of the bride if a heel is not an option. Choose well-made and comfortable shoes. If you prefer a dyed to match shoe, many bridal shops and fine shoe stores can help you with the order.

Practical Considerations For The Mother Of The Bride

Your daughter's wedding day is apt to start early for you and end late into the night. You will, inevitably, be on your feet a great deal for photos, greeting guests, and helping with last minute details. One of the most important considerations when choosing your dress and shoes for your daughter's wedding is comfort. Your dress should fit well and be flattering. A poorly fitted dress will often be uncomfortable and awkward to wear. Choose a shoe that you can wear comfortably, and if you would prefer to wear a heel for the wedding, but a flat for comfort at the reception, choose both pairs to match the dress you've chosen to wear as mother of the bride. You will likely spend many hours on your feet on her wedding day, and uncomfortable shoes will be not only painful but distracting as well. Wear the shoes a bit prior to the wedding to make sure they do not rub, pinch, or cause pain and discomfort. If you never wear heels, today is not the day to start. If you are accustomed to wearing heels, choose a heel that is approximately the height you typically wear. Shoes for the mother of the bride are an often overlooked detail, but one that may make your day significantly less pleasant if they don't fit well.

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