Finding Mother Of The Bride Hairstyles Online

One of the most remarkable aspects of almost any wedding ensemble is that people will notice your hairstyle. Mother of the bride hairstyles can be perfectly executed in many different ways. A few things that are important to think about before choosing a hairstyle include the following:

  • The wedding venue (formal, informal, indoors, beachfront, etc.)
  • What hairstyle your hair type will easily work with.
  • What hairstyle will make you feel most comfortable?

The last point is probably the most important. As the mother of the bride, you want to feel comfortable and confident about your look on a very important day. Plus, even older parents run the risk of embarrassing their adult children. Click here to see some pictures of cutting-edge wedding hairstyles from theknot.com.

Things to consider in different venues

Casual outdoor venues: Wearing a looser and more natural hairstyle such as a simple French twist with a decorative clip or even a loose ponytail can be a lifesaver in outdoor weddings where wind or rain can be expected. Neater hairstyles can easily look disheveled, and constantly trying to fix your hair can make you look and feel uneasy. Different types of hairstyles that use large quantities of hairspray and many tight curls can make the mother of the bride look more like the strange younger sister of the bride. The mother of the bride should strive to look sophisticated instead of gaudy. The perfect hairstyle does not have to take long or be complicated. Having a professional blow dry your hair and clean up the loose ends can make a world of difference when preparing for a casual outdoor wedding.

Traditional indoor venues: Traditional indoor venues such as religious establishments and banquet halls can give different options for mother of the bride hairstyles. A more formal style such as wearing your hair up in a tidy bun or a tidy French twist can be more appropriate for more traditional venues and more opulent weddings. The mother of the bride should strive for an understated look. Let your daughter shine, and you can still look great in wedding photos by selecting a hairstyle that is not too much or looks too young. One great option for adding a little extra to a basic hairstyle is to wear an attractive hairpin or clip. You can have a little extra sparkle in your hair without taking over the spotlight.

Work with your natural hair

It is important to select a style that will work well with your natural hair type. For example, women prone to frizzy hair might want to wear their hair up instead of hoping that it stays straight all day and all night. There are a few easy tips and tricks to make the hair you have look great on your daughter’s wedding day. A few listed below include:

  • Consult with your hair stylist on the use of different products to make short hair look fabulous. Different lines of leave-in conditioners and other salon-quality hair products can give short hair an edge. Paying for extensions is expensive. Let the bride get hair extensions, and stick with simple and sophisticated options for short hair.
  • Do not fight hair that chronically flat or chronically curly. Instead, wear a simple style that will work with many different hair types, such as a classic bun. Another good option is to use salon-brand hair products that can make your curls look better or give your fine hair a little more body.
  • Make sure your hairstyle has the right amount of wow factor. You want to look great in wedding photos, but you do not want to take center stage.

Most important, select a hairstyle that you know you will feel comfortable in during the wedding and the receptions. Do not choose a hairstyle that you know will make you feel itchy or a hairstyle that you are afraid will quickly look disheveled.

Dos and Don’ts of mother of the bride hairstyles

Nothing is an absolute rule, but there are a few general dos and don’ts regarding mother of the bride hairstyles.

Do: Put a little extra sparkle in your hair with a tasteful clip or hair pin.

Don’t: Wear accessories more suited for the bride, such as a tiara or a veil.

Do: Consult with your hairstylist about the best salon-quality products, and get a professional opinion.

Don’t: Get the “professional” opinions of all of your friends.

Do: Put time and effort into your hairstyle

Don’t: Put so much time and effort into your look that you start to look more like your daughter (AKA the bride).

To sum it up
Your daughter’s wedding is going to be a phenomenal day. Look your best by choosing a classy look from head to toe. Focus on getting the right shoes, the right outfit, and the perfect hairstyle.

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